Monday – Sept 11, 2023

Isaiah 45-48; 1 Corinthians 13

God is a God of forgiveness. As I read Isaiah, my thoughts are of their foolishness, selfishness, and disrespectful ways. I can’t comprehend why God continues to love and protect them.  Then I remember that I am them, and I am thankful that He didn’t turn His back on them.  We know that it is impossible for God to go back on His word, so when He says His love and grace are forever, I can rest easy.

God is so faithful to love us beyond what we can imagine, and certainly don’t deserve, that he can even use those that do not follow Him.  Like King Cyrus, who worshipped idols, but  still was able to defeat  his enemies.  Not because Cyrus was worthy but because God’s plan trumps all.

Your resume’ doesn’t matter to God.  Your money, your age, your education, while helpful, are all useless in God’s greater plan.

My prayer today is that we all remember that whatever we face today, God can use it for His glory.  Understanding that evil, pain, and illness are part of this world, but the Creator of this world will overcome it all.

Can you share a time when Gos used something for His glory that you thought was not of God?