Thur – April 27, 2023

1 Samuel 15-16; 1 Chronicles 1; Psalm 39; Acts 11

by Becky Hill Martin

I can’t tell you the number of times I had nothing more than hope to carry me through. Usually, because I followed my own path – not God’s and dug a hole for myself. No matter how deep, I could still see the light because my hope was in the Lord.

He always rescues me. Maybe not in my timing because I’m always on “Fast Forward.” He rescues me in His time, even if I blame Him for the situation like David did in Psalm 39 and say He could have prevented or removed it.

I tried the alternate route – abandoning God to pursue material things. It’s a lonely path, and I’m not strong enough to overcome all the evil in the world on my own. The further away I moved, the dimmer the light of hope became until the Holy Spirit acted like a bungee cord and snapped me back to God and hope.

We are all going through something. When you can’t make out the light of hope, you’ve gone too far, but not so far that God can’t find you. Cry out to God. Give Him all your emotion. Blame Him if you need to; he can handle it. But keep your hope in Him.