Thur – April 6, 2023

Joshua 1-3; Psalm 16; Luke 20

By Becky Hill Martin

The Israelites chased after so many evil things in Judges 1-3, they probably had blow-outs in their sandals. Yet God refused to give up on them. Time and time again, He brought them out of the mess they’d gotten themselves into by worshipping every god but the only true One.

Today, it’s easy to say we follow Christ and then get distracted by the latest, greatest got-to-have-it thing instead of the King. It’s also easy to get so comfortable following Christ that we forget to chase Him. I mean – He chases us like a panicked mom chasing her firstborn through Chuck E. Cheese. We are so valuable to Him that He gave His only Son to die for our sins.

We should be lacing up our sneakers and chasing Him – putting Him first. Running our attitudes, values and responses by Him first. Talking to Him first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Once we’re lined up with His will and His Word by making Him a priority, all our wants are put into perspective and our needs are met.

PRAYER: Dear God, forgive me when I dart away from You like the 2-yr old I am. Thank You for loving me anyway. Remind me that it’s not enough to say I’m a Christ follower. Help me chase after You – to put You first in all things.