Thur – Feb 16

Leviticus 1-3; Psalm 27; Hebrews 2

By Becky Hill Martin

“Rerouting… rerouting… make a U-turn…” if you use GPS as much as I do, you know. (Ok – I’m usually only redirected because I can’t figure out if “go west” means turn left or right.) I once switched the preset voice I named “Karen” to one with an Australian accent (aka – “Hugh Jackman”) because I was tired of the “Karen’s” attitude. Despite my tendency to ignore “Hugh,” I usually make it back home.

There’s nothing better than home. Just the word “home” evokes warmth and comfort. David was on the run from King Saul when he wrote Psalm 27. God’s presence was David’s safe haven. I bet he experienced that “ahhh” feeling when he spent time with God. You know the feeling – when you finally get to your house after work or vacation, take off your most annoying piece of clothing, and kick back in your own space. Even though David was a fugitive at the time, he found all the comforts of home when he spent time with God.

PRAYER: Dear God, thank you for the security You give us when we make a home for You within ourselves. Forgive us when we stray from the path home. We are truly blessed to have Your Word and the Holy Spirit as our GPS to reroute us back to You.