Thur – Jan 26

Genesis 47-48; Psalm 25; Galatians 3

By Faith…

God does not need a lot to do a lot.

Growing up I would open the refrigerator and wonder what would be for dinner. I always had a solution: McDonald’s!

What I saw in the ice box could not yield what I desired. Low and behold at dinner time, the meal was great and McDonald’s had alluded me again. My Mom had taken what was not a lot to me, and made it more than enough for us.

This is true of God and His purpose, plan, and provisions. Joseph now sees his family be well taken care of when his view from the pit was and prison was anything but that. David today writes of his utter dependence on God. Lastly we find the Apostle Paul strategically craft an argument that it is by faith alone in Christ we are made right with God (justification)*.

Prayer: LORD, as we look at the refrigerator of our lives, we may only see spoiled milk and place where eggs once sat (help us LORD with these egg prices)*, but we trust by faith You will provide. LORD, by faith we trust your plans because you have an eternal purpose for us. Amen.


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