Thur – Jan 5

Genesis 9-11; Mark 4

Leaving God Out.

Let me say something up front, there is so much good stuff to speak on from the reading, and that is a blessing. For God’s word is so rich. Ok, let’s jump in.

How did the nations become so divided? The tower of Babel shows how man’s pride ruins everything. Man is deliberately violating God’s command to “go forth,” choosing instead to cluster (Genesis 4:11). “They said,” is a very dangerous statement when God is not involved. I have three young children (12, 10, 5) and it is amazing hearing them gathered together masterminding a plan to get me or my wife to take them to Chick-fil-A. Why? It’s what “they” want without regard for anything else. Is the chicken good, yes, where me and my wife involved, no.

Genesis 1:1 begins where we all must begin: with God. It says, “In the beginning God,” so we too must begin with God. If you read over the account in Genesis 11, you can clearly see “they” about three to four times. When we are moving in “they” or “I” and not moving in “Him,” the results are bad.

My prayer is that we all move in Him and live every moment we have in this life with Him guiding us. The book of Job speaks to how if God took his spirit and breath away, we would return to dust (Job 34:14-15). This is a wonderful and sobering reminder that we all need God, every breath must remind us to never leave God out, but keep Him in our lives completely.


  1. Brandon Cook says:

    Good Word!
    Love the Chic-Fil-A illustration.

  2. Gwen McClain says:

    What Job said

  3. Dawn Gerlinger says:

    Lov this app

    • Brandon Cook says:

      Us Too!! Glad you’re reading with us!