Thur – June 1, 2023

1 Kings 3; 2 Chronicles 1; Psalm 42; Romans 8

By Becky Hill Martin

If God told you to ask Him for anything and He would give it to you, what would you ask for? So many things come to mind – world peace, dinner with a deceased loved one, favor for my child, the superpower of flying – the list is a mile long. I doubt asking for wisdom would ever cross my mind like it did Solomon’s in 1 Kings 3:9. David raised Solomon to love God. So, when the Lord asked him in a dream what he wanted, Solomon asked for “an understanding heart” and to “know the difference between right and wrong in governing his people.” I think he already had wisdom and God just amplified it.

I’m more the “I wish that I knew what I know now when I was younger” type (you know you’re singing “Ooo La La” with me). I thought asking God for wisdom was like asking Him for patience. They’re both what I call “earned gifts” – the ones that come through life lessons learned at great cost. That’s not always the case. When you ask God for wisdom, let it lead your decisions and thoughts and frame every aspect of your life, you can avoid many of those costly life lessons.

Solomon may be one of the wisest men in history. He wasn’t always wise. He gave into human nature. Thankfully, God is always wise and loving. He forgave Solomon and He forgives us when human nature overcomes wisdom.


Dear Lord, thank you for the gift of wisdom, whether it’s before making a decision or a life lesson learned. Help us seek Your wisdom in every area. We praise you for Your patience and grace when we fail to act wisely. Amen.

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