Thur – March 16

Duteronomy 1-3; Psalm 36; Luke 5

Jesus replied to Simon, “Don’t be afraid! From now on you’ll be fishing for people!”(Luke 5:10)

Faithful Fishing

Doing what I am told to do is often a challenge when I think I already know what I am doing. While loading an airplane in the Air Force I had a loading individual tell me how to do my job. Well, we both came to an understanding that I flew on and loaded this airplane a lot more than he did. (Lol)

This attitude would not fly with JESUS. He came to these fishermen and made them “fishers of men.”

Will we cast our nets where JESUS tells us to? Will we allow His oversight to be greater than our insight for a soul to be saved?

Prayer: LORD, teach us cast and capture how You see fit. It is often intimidating and humbling all at once to be led by You in leading people to You. Yet, LORD, help us to be used by You by being available in our hearts and actions…Amen


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