Thur – March 23

Deuteronomy 19-22; Psalm 6; Luke 10

By Becky Hill Martin

“I’m late. I’m late for a very important date,” is my theme song. Most days, I rush around like Alice’s little white rabbit. I know I’m behind, yet I still allow myself to get distracted. Before you know it – I’ve started several projects that will bother me until I finish them. Plus I’m seriously late for a meeting or an event where I’ll end up with even more work.  I remind myself of Martha – busy, busy, busy – never asking herself if she’s busy with the wrong things.

In Luke 10:38-42, Martha opened her home to Jesus and all the people who wanted to listen to Him. As the original “hostess with the mostest,” Martha wanted everything to be perfect. Her pride and self-worth were wrapped-up in the success of the meeting. Martha even played the long-suffering martyr when she complained to Jesus about Mary not helping.

He didn’t take her side like she thought He would (Luke 10:41-42). He reminded her that she had a choice to sit down and listen to His valuable teaching while he was there. But she made the wrong choice and got distracted by all the details.

PRAYER: Help me remember, Lord, that the hurry and distractions of the world are geared to make us miss the most important lessons in life. It’s only when we’re still and open that we hear Your voice. Help me set aside time for stillness and use it for Your glory.


  1. Carolyn Collier says:

    Thank you Becky. Ive been a Martha lately and need to slow down and listen more

  2. Jean Roberts says:

    I to spend to much time hurrying around rather than slowing down and listening to the Lord🙏🏼