Thur – March 30, 2023


By Becky Hill Martin

If the Parable of the Prodigal Son was a Lifetime movie, it might go a little like this: a son persuades his father to give him an early inheritance. He buys the latest side-by-side camel (which he loses in a sand dune race for pink slips). He fills the walk-in closet in his tent on the upper east side with designer togas and sandals. He goes to the best toga parties and eats the best mutton, etc.

After a series of unfortunate life choices, BOOM – he’s reduced to feeding pigs. He doesn’t want to go home a failure, but he realizes he’s not as smart as he thought. He needs help. To his surprise, his father welcomes him home with a big party. His brother is jealous and… (insert a dramatic plot twist here). At least, that’s how the Lifetime movie script would read.

In Jesus’ story, He makes it a point to show that the father gave the younger son the freedom to choose – even if it took him away from the family. He lived in the hope that his son would return. And the father helps the oldest son see he’s just as loved and valued.

God never gives up on the person who walks away from Him, no matter how many others He has by His side. No matter what brainiac decisions they makeor how far away they go, God still loves them and longs to celebrate their return. Better yet, no matter how far away they wander, they can ALWAYS come home.

PRAYER: Lord, thank You for the freedom to make mistakes. Thank You for reminding me that even though I make mistakes, I am NEVER A MISTAKE to You.