Thur – March 9

Numbers 19-21; Colossians 4

By Beck Hill Martin

“Careful the things you say. Children will listen…” – lyrics from Sondheim’s Into the Woods. I performed this song a long, long time ago before I had a child. Unfortunately, I forgot those lyrics after I had Hallie and became her chauffeur to pediatrician visits, daycare, and playdates. I gave in to road rage way too many times. Some of Hallie’s first words for my visiting mother were said in a moving car when someone cut me off. She was in the backseat with Hallie. As I tapped my brakes, a little voice said, “Sit, moron.” I felt my mom’s eyes on the back of my head, “Did she say what I thought she said?” I’m sure I rolled my eyes and said, “Yes, mom. ‘SIT, moron.’” We both knew what she meant.

Tiny children are influenced by what we say, as is everyone around us. Our words reflect what’s in our hearts. When our hearts are laser-focused on the Lord, we choose not to embarrass, hurt, ridicule, or humiliate others with words. We speak the truth in love. And if we let the Spirit lead the way, He will help us know how to respond to each individual.

PRAYER: Lord, we both know what comes out of my mouth is often less than gracious. Help me think before I speak so my words reflect You. My language should allow for the frailties of others and show the beauty of kindness, tenderheartedness, and forgiveness as You do.