Thur – May 11, 2023

2 Samuel 1-2; 1 Chronicles 11; Psalm 96, 106; Acrts 21

by Becky Hill Martin

Psalm 96 was written by a man in love. Remember the feeling of new love? (Insert sunshine, birds chirping and rainbows here.) There’s nothing like it. It’s a feet-don’t-touch-the ground, have-to-be-with-you-all-the-time, everyone-should-know-about-it-and-be-happy-for-me rush. It’s a beautiful thing. Until it’s not.

Inevitably, 3 days/months/years pass, and that euphoric feeling is more like a “meh.” Maybe you noticed they chew with their mouth open or leave a trail of dirty glasses all over the house. The “new” isn’t sparkling anymore. You’re forced to decide whether to start working on the relationship, or say, “thank you, next.”

David wrote Psalm 96 when he brought the Ark of the Covenant into Jerusalem. David wasn’t newly in love with God. He put blood, sweat and tears into his relationship with God to perpetuate that new love feeling. But God was always in love with David. And we never have to worry about Him going all Ariana Grande on us.

How can we keep the fire going with God? The same things that keep our earthly relationships going can be applied to our relationship with God:

  1. Spend time with Him. Set aside quality time to read His word, listen to a spiritual podcast or sermon, etc.
  2. Listen to Him. Actively seek out what He has to say. He speaks to us through nature, His word, and other Christians.
  3. Praise Him. Worship music is a great way to do this – even if you can’t sing.
  4. Put Him first. In your thoughts, actions, and words – think about what makes Him happy.