Thur – May 25, 2023

2 Samuel 21-23; Psalm 18; Romans 3

By Becky Hill Martin

Where do you go when things get rough? Do you turn to a person or a thing? People may be able to listen, console and give advice based on their experience. I don’t know of anyone who’s come down from Heaven with smoke flowing from their nostrils and blazing coal coming out of their mouth (although my mom has come close) like David described in 2 Samuel 22:10. People have their own problems and just aren’t cut out to be the rock we need.

If you turn to things – food, shopping, work, etc., they may temporarily take your mind off your problem, but they can’t save you. In fact, they could eventually cause bigger issues.

In 2 Samuel 22: 1-51, we see that God is the perfect savior and the rock we need. He never lets His people down. We see this in verse 20. “He rescued me, because He delights in me.” God delights in being our rescuer. God loves to be the rock we need in our lives. God is there for us and wants to be the support for our lives especially when life is difficult.

When you turn to Him you’ll see He lights up the darkness (2 Samuel 22:29 NLT). God is the only light you need in your life. He’s the only true one who can lead the way out of the darkness. Let God be your rock and your light.