Thur. – May 4, 2023

1 Samuel 23-24; 1 Chronicles 6; Psalm 54; Acts 16

by Becky Hill Martin

Conflict. I hate it. It’s right up there with math and beets. I am a peacemaker by nature – so much so, that I majored in Marketing & PR “where everything is sunny and presented in technicolor goodness.” (I was very ex wrong.)

Conflict is reality. You can’t avoid it. How you deal with it says a lot about your walk with God. Here are some pro-tips – not from me, from David in I Samuel 24:

  1. Change your perspective. If you’re concentrating on the hurt someone caused you by their words or actions, you can’t see that God created them in His image, too. If you write them off, you might miss the blessing.
  2. Be the bigger person. This is the hardest part – making the first move to reconcile with the person and meaning it. Get past your feelings. Talk (don’t text) to your opposition for clarity on the cause of your conflict.
  3. Reconcile. Recognize that conflict is a way to become closer to the person who opposes you. Listen to your conscious (Holy Spirit) and be committed to the good of the person who was previously against you.

PRAYER: Lord, there’s more conflict in the world today than ever. Before we jump in with the “haters,” help us remember that we were once Your enemies, but You didn’t hurt us. You gave Your life because You are committed to our good in all things. Help us be committed to the good in others.