Thursday – December 28, 2023

Job 37-39; Psalm 103; Revelation 21

by Becky Hill Martin

Psalm 103:5 – He fills my life with good things. My youth is renewed like the eagle’s.

New Year’s resolutions – we all make them. They’re promises that sound great at the start, like nailing the perfect Arnold Schwarzenegger impression, shedding pounds by relocating to the moon, or attempting a six-month stint as a vegan (only to surrender after three). We come up with intentions – some loftier than others, just to feel good. But seriously, how many of us actually stick to them past March?

For me, it usually takes a big dose of dissatisfaction to push me towards making a resolution. Looking back, maybe my approach would’ve been more successful if my first resolution was to seek God’s will before diving into the whole goal-setting business. Perhaps each failed resolution was a sign that my focus was on myself and my needs rather than on God.

Think about it – if God can leave the 99 to find the one, why can’t I ditch the 99 resolutions I make and search for the One? Not the lost one, but the One who’s never lost. Not the one wandering through creation, but the One who’s the wonder of creation. We should always be ready to abandon the 99 plans and goals we create to get to the One who truly matters.


  1. Rena Cook says:

    Hope today you realize how blessed you are😘