Thursday – February 8, 2024

Exodus 25-27; Psalm 90; Philippians 1

by Becky Hill Martin

For I want you to understand what really matters so that you may live pure and blameless lives until the day of Christ’s return.
Philippians 1:10

Let’s have a little heart to heart on what truly matters, okay? Is it your family, your grind, or watching those zeros in your bank account rise? Hear me out – your tribe and your job are major – they really are, and they should be. But, if God’s not sitting at the head of your VIP Circle and you’re not soaking in His Word daily, the rest won’t fall into place.

When something’s important to us, we put in the work. We roll-up our sleeves and dive deep into that spiritual glow-up – anything to crank up our connection with the Almighty. Once we get that following Christ is what truly matters, we become game-changers – the Jesus influencers of the world.

Time to flip those priorities! First, spread some major love to your fellow believers. Then, let kindness flow, generosity shine, and show compassion like it’s a limited edition drop on your Etsy shop. Strut into each day with purpose, unleash Christ’s love, and make this world sparkle a little brighter, a little better.


  1. Abby Weathersby says:

    I love this!!!!