Thursday – July 13, 2023

2 Chronicles 15-16; 1 Kings 16; Philemon

By Becky Hill Martin

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Philemon 18: If he has wronged you in any way or owes you anything, charge it to me.


(No offense to any Thomases out there = I’m talking about Doubting Thomas.)

We all need someone like the Apostle Paul in our lives – someone who treats us as equals in Christ. Someone who’s on our side despite our previous lives as slaves to sin. Someone who always says, “I got you!” You know – the one who brings ice cream and tissues or a shovel… to move a mountain, of course.

And we all need to BE a Paul. Quick to show love and even quicker to forgive others. Respectful and encouraging. Unafraid to stick up for each other like Paul did for Onesimus. He saw the work God did in this man’s life and boldly offered to pay his debt. He even asked Philemon to free Onesimus and treat him as a brother in Christ. Because Paul had a relationship with God and knew how important Onesimus was to God, Paul was able to believe forward.

When it comes to advocating for our fellow Christians, we have a choice. We can be a doubting Thomas, or we can be a prime example of Christian love, forgiveness, and an advocate on behalf of those who are in need. We can be a Paul.