Thursday – June 20, 2024

Song of Solomon 7-8; Psalm 127; 2 Thessalonians 2

by Becky Hill Martin

“It is useless for you to work so hard from early morning until late at night, anxiously working for food to eat; for God gives rest to his loved ones.” Psalm 127:2

#nevernotworking – a hashtag I borrowed from a friend that describes me to a “T.” After hours? I’m working an event or on the computer. Weekends? Ditto. Vacation? I’m checking my work phone for texts and emails. This is my M.O. for any interest I pursue. Why? Because I’m not in a caravan searching for the promised land expecting manna from Heaven. God wants us to work. But I admit I’ve taken it too far.

Sometimes, I lift my nose from the grindstone long enough to grumble when things don’t go my way. Instead of stepping back to evaluate and recalculate, I work double hard.

If I pressed pause for just two seconds, I’d see: if God isn’t at the center of my life, all my hard work is worthless. In trying to handle everything myself, I’ve basically yeeted myself off course and caused myself a lot of worry.

How do I get back on track? By consistently checking in with God just to thank Him for my job, hobbies, and projects, and ask for His direction.

Remember: When God is at the center of your life, you worship. When He isn’t, you worry.


  1. Lori says:

    Amen! Great word Becky