Thursday – June 27, 2024

by Becky Hill Martin

My help comes from the Lord who made heaven and earth! – Psalm 121:2

💪 Asking for help? Not exactly my go-to move. I’m more of a loop-all-20-grocery-bags-on-each-arm, close-the-trunk-with-my-elbow, and ninja-kick-open-the-door kind of person. Even if I was tied to train tracks with a locomotive roaring my way, asking for help might not be my first instinct. 🚂 And when someone offers, I’m always caught off guard—I never quite know how to react. Do I graciously say “thanks” and pass them the lightest item, or brush it off with a “nah, I’ve got this” when clearly, I don’t?

Because I think I’m an “I got-it-girl,” I tend to forget to ask God for help until my life feels like it’s going into Defcon 2. Why do I wait until we’re careening into catastrophe before turning to God? It’s not like He’ll air my stupid-human-tricks on IG; He’s there, ready to lend a hand 24/7. When we acknowledge that we can’t do it all and reach out to Him, it’s a way of honoring Him. Asking for help isn’t about feeling guilty—it’s part of how He designed us, right from the beginning of creation.

When we ask God for help, it’s like a child asking a parent to show them how to do something—it brings Him joy. And when we let others lend a hand, it’s helping them fulfill God’s purpose too. So maybe it’s time we embrace asking for help, knowing it’s not just okay—it’s what we’re made to do.


  1. Lori says:

    Thank you, Becky