Thursday – November 9, 2023

Ezekiel 40-42; John 14

By Becky Hill Martin

“Every Day is A Winding Road” because “Life is a Highway,” a “Thunder Road,” or a “Dirty Back Road.” Unless you find yourself on a “Road to Nowhere.” Then you “Hit the Road Jack” hoping your trip isn’t just one “Long and Lonely Road,” until you’re “Running on Empty” and need rest before you get “On the Road Again.”

So many songs about roads. Why? Because we’re all going somewhere in life. Each of us has a destination – some place, achievement, or goal we’re trying to reach that feels like home. What happens if we reach our destination and realize we “Still Haven’t Found What (we’re) Looking For?” It’s disappointing. So we turn around and take detours until we reach the “End of the Road” only to see that peace and happiness are still out of reach.

Before Jesus left his disciples for Heaven, he reassured them that He was preparing a place in the Father’s house for them. When everything was ready He would come get them so they could always be together. Our true destination as Christ followers is our home in Heaven. The only road there is through Christ. When you put your trust in Him as your guide, He’ll never leave you until you reach your true home.

If you find yourself stuck, you’ve lost your way or just plain forgotten why you set out on this particular road to begin with, go back the way you came – back to Jesus. Because “He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one can come to the Father except through Me.”


  1. Jean Roberts says:

    Amen. Loved this