Thursday – October 19, 2023

Jeremiah 47, 48, 49; Psalm 80; 2 Peter 2

Throughout these chapters of Jeremiah God spoke to the Israelites like a good Father would.

Here’s what you did.  Here’s  why it’s wrong.  Here is your punishment.  I still love you though, and even during your punishment, I am here with you. Still protecting you.   It doesn’t change My desire to give you the everything I have to offer.

The sovereignty of God is universal. Even His enemies will be accountable to Him, but only those that chose to change from their greedy, prideful, corrupt, and evil ways will ever experience the true goodness of a Father who loves them endlessly.

In 2 Peter, chapter 2, Peter reminds us that not even the angels were spared when they chose to disobey God.

Today’s Prayer:  Heavenly Father, as powerful as You are good and merciful.  Both endless in ways I can’t even imagine.  But I am grateful for both.  There is no greater Father, protector, or savior.   Today, and forever You are worthy of my endless praise and gratitude.  In Jesus name.  Amen!