Tue – April 4, 2023

Joshua 18-21; Psalm 15; Luke 18

He replied, “What is impossible for people is possible with God.(Luke 18.27)

God in Joshua has taken a people and is literally settling them in a land and directing all their affairs according to His will. Then in Psalm 15 we see who may worship in God’s sanctuary and enter into His presence on God’s holy hill. It is easy for me to read that, but these things are not easy to carry out. I can barely leave the house when Monica tells me to get three things from Kroger. THREE! Two text messages and a phone call later, I get the wrong item still somehow. (pray for my lovely wife)*

Not with God. The rich young ruler had his possessions possessing him. He could not let go of what had taken hold of him. It seemed virtually impossible for this man of great wealth in the world to let it go so quickly.

The thing is, he was trying to keep something he would eventually lose, instead of taking hold of something that could never be taken away from him.

The struggle to trust God in moments of impossibility rides over our hearts and minds all the time. How Lord, how will I get through this? How will I make ends meet? How can I make it another day parenting like this? How can I go to this job that I hate and fake it until I make it? The answer: “with God”

His Holy Spirit is the guiding light in our darkness and deep confusion. It is the eternal investment in living for and with Him that makes things possible in the face of impossible.

Lord, help us see that with You all things are possible. There is nothing too difficult for You. Please remove from our minds the thoughts and attitudes that “we” have to do it on our own. We know You will never leave us nor forsake us…nothing is impossible for You! Amen.