Tue – March 7

Numbers 12-14; Psalm 28; Colossians 2

Unity and Movement

the people waited until she was brought back before they traveled again.” (Numbers 12:15)

Sibling rivalry is a common thing. I spent many days trying to beat my brother rolling skating around the neighborhood to only come up short. He beat me every time.

Yet, when it comes to the movement of God’s people in Numbers, I took note of how Aaron and Miriam were dealt with by God.

The actions of this infighting caused the movement to be stopped. Disunity among the leaders effected the movement of the followers. My thought is that when we have problems within the leadership realm in any organization is that we go to God in prayer and go to the person(s) in humility. Things are bound to happen, but how we handle them is key.

Prayer: Lord, we will have times of disagreement and discord. Please allow us to seek unity in You and not just peace in “our” perspective. We trust You Lord and ultimately desire to continue to move forward with You in unity…Amen.