Tues – Feb 7

Exodus 19-21; Psalm 33; Ephesians 5

Covenant Communication

June 16, 2006 me and Monica stood before the military chaplain and exchanged vows. This communication of vows revealed the character of conduct we submitted to as we entered into covenant matrimony.

The Ten Commandments, literally spoken by God Himself, is Him communicating covenant standards for His covenant people.

I still remain in awe of how such the powerful and amazing God has chosen us to be in covenant with Him. To speak to us His standard of life with us and bring us into relationship with Him. Mind you, this is after humanity has shown very little in the way of obedience.

Please think about how much God loves you that He does not desire you to be confused about how to interact with Him or others. The Ten Commandments are how we can communicate and connect with God and others in this love relationship.

With Christ in the center, due to our fallen sin nature, we can by faith respond to this covenant communication by communicating back with our life’s obedience.

Prayer: LORD, in Christ, we can say “Yes and Amen” as You divinely devote to covenant with us as your Kingdom people. We believe that Your words are not “laws to restrain” but Covenant Communication so we may love You and others rightly. Help us LORD. Amen.


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