Tues – Jan 10

Genesis 21-23; Psalm 1; Mark 8

Be Blessed!

Let’s look at Psalm 1 today and the formula to be “blessed.” We will define blessed as the God given capacity to experience, enjoy, and extend the goodness and favor of God in one’s life, whatever form God’s goodness and favor takes.

Simply put, blessed is to be happy.

Note how the progression happens from walking to standing to sitting. So from this progression we see how subtle the counsel of the wicked and the way of sinners can lead to sitting with those who know better but do not do better (mockers/scoffers). Paul said that bad company corrupts good character (1 Corinthians 15:33).

What am I getting at? We can want to be “blessed,” but are we living under the counsel of the ungodly(wicked)? Who has our ear? For who has our ear has our heart and will direct our actions (Genesis 3:6). The psalmist is telling us how to be blessed, and we must grasp it.

The blessed delight themselves in the Lord’s instruction, the Bible. Meditating on His word day and night (Psalm 1:2). So when the storms come in life we are not moved away from God but closer to Him. For our anchor is firmly rooted and we can produce faithful fruit all season long. This is because the Word of God has prepared and positioned us for such.

The formula: You + Meditating on God’s Word = Blessed


  1. Gwen McClain says:

    I pray I spend more time in your word o Lord

    • Kevin Hill says:


  2. Jean Roberts says:

    I pray I spend more time in reading God’s word

    • Kevin Hill says: