Tuesday – August 15, 2023

Isaiah 1-3; Psalm 9; Matthew 22

22 Don’t put your trust in mere humans.
    They are as frail as breath.
    What good are they? (Isaiah 2.22)

“As frail as breath” refers to our human mortality. People are very limited when compared to God. They can be unreliable, selfish, and shortsighted. Yet we trust our lives and futures more readily to mortal human beings than to the all-knowing God. Beware of people who want you to trust them instead of God. Remember that only God is completely reliable. He is perfect, and we can rely on his mercy and enduring love (Psalm 100:5). [excerpt from the Life Application Bible]

I often don’t take excerpts for our daily commentary, but today I made an exception.

I don’t want to isolate this passage and hi-jack its meaning, so I will not do that. The prophet here is giving the Israelites a stern truth they, and us, would do well to bear in mind. We must be mindful of where we place our trust. Let us walk in the light of the LORD (vs. 5) and not in the darkness of depending on man.

I quote this scripture to myself on a pretty regular basis due to the fact I am prone to trust people or money more than GOD. Maybe you do, too. Trusting a job to deliver in ways only GOD can. Hoping in an educational ascension that will validate you among your peers. Maybe you simply want others approval without considering GOD’s approval. Take a moment and read our focus Scripture for today again, and apply accordingly. Trust GOD.