Tuesday – December 19, 2023

Job 15-17; Revelation 14

Even now my witness is in heaven.
My advocate is there on high. (Job 16:19)

Hold On

I remember being in Bahrain unloading cargo from our jet in the military. The days seemed so long and there was no end in sight. Tired, hot, and mentally drained, but the mission had to move, and I was the moving company.

Have you ever been there? Just wore out from the ‘to-do list’ that never seems to get done. It’s enough to make you want to quit…now imagine how Job felt. Friends are no help. Physical pain and mental turmoil. Where is the relief?

Well, from the same one for which Job felt was causing the pain and anguish. What is so relatable for many of us about Job is that we can do all we can to abide in obedience and still feel lost and confused. How fitting Pastor Brandon preached Sunday that we don’t have to understand to obey. Trust God has a plan and purpose, even in our pain.

Let me cut straight with you, Job did not deny God, he held on to Him. We have to do the same. Can I encourage you to hold on? Hold on in your marriage. Hold on in your finances. Hold on with Journey Church (or your local assembly that you attend). Hold On! For as we hold on, God will hold you up on every leaning side…HOLD ON!


  1. Rena cook mimi says:

    Every step every thought we need you, Lord.