Tuesday – December 26, 2023

Job 31-33; Psalm 102; Revelation 19

27 He will declare to his friends,
‘I sinned and twisted the truth,
    but it was not worth it.
28 God rescued me from the grave,
    and now my life is filled with light.’ (Job 33:27-28)

The person who has found mercy will appear before God to worship with joy. Sin and salvation. One we know well, the other we do well to know because the first one we know so well (say that five times fast)*.

Plainly, we are sinners who all need salvation. Elihu point is sustained and whether or not Job was in the cross hairs of disobeying God, we get a glimpse of who God is in the midst of this narrative. As the year ends and it seems like everyone is getting sick, we have a hope and savior for the sickness of sin. A God, despite our sins, is a restoring God.

Elihu may not have known Jesus was coming, but we know He is our salvation and the one who rescues from the grave. Even in our darkest hours of this year, the light and love of Jesus has been here for us and shining more and more as we allow it. Reflect on this year, and remember Jesus loves you, the Savior of our souls, and today let your life be filled with His light.