Tuesday – March 26, 2024

Deuteronomy 32-34; Psalm 13; Luke 13

Someone asked him, “Lord, are only a few people going to be saved?” (Luke 13:23)

Wrong question, Right response 

I remember being ten or eleven and asking my friend was his Mom “saved.” Well, I didn’t know she heard me as I asked Jerrold this question. I got a bit of a talking to from her that day and my young evangelistic fire was dampened.

After reading Luke, I thought about Jerrold’s Mom. Is she saved? My focus was only on her and her not going where they don’t serve ice water.

The question asked to Jesus in Luke was numbers focused, not salvation focused. I never assume who and who has not received Christ as Lord and Savior. Why, cause I want everyone I come in contact with to know Jesus is still in the saving business and business is booming for all who call on His name unto salvation.

Well, I know you are not Jerrold’s Mom, but: Are you saved? I extend to you today reading this, salvation.  Jesus loves you and wants you to be with Him forever.

Prayer: Lord, I love you, and we love you. We want to live with You and the only way is by being saved by Jesus. Lord, we accept you as Lord by the confession of our mouth, and we believe that You Father God raised Jesus with all power in His hands. Thus, we proclaim we are saved…and we will daily renew these covenant vows by our life of worship and service to you. Not to earn salvation, but working for the Kingdom of God because we have been saved and our hearts prompt us to…Amen.


  1. Jean says:

    This was so perfect for us today, as my youngest sister and her husband are being baptized April 7. Praise the Lord🙏🏼🙏🏼