Tuesday – May 7, 2024

1 Samuel 28-29; 1 Chronicles 9; Acts 19

About that time, serious trouble developed in Ephesus concerning the Way. Acts 19.23

Embarking on Jesus’s path can lead us into intriguing circumstances. Whether with our families, friends, or workplaces, we may find ourselves in what some might call ‘serious trouble.’ This trouble is a natural consequence of aligning ourselves with the one who disrupts the lives of those who resist His Kingdom. But there’s more to this story.

Troublemaking comes after we find the Way and follow the Way. The things you deal with as a believer in Christ are due to Christ in you. How many friends have walked away because you walk with God? How many co-workers leave you off the crude joke emails because Jesus is your Savior? We’re talking about trouble, so how many times have you gotten in “righteous trouble” because you will not deny Jesus?

Like many of us, Paul found himself in the direct line of trouble because of his actions. He troubled the people not by his own will but by following the will of God. This is the courage and conviction required to follow Jesus and do things according to the Kingdom of God, not the ‘social norms.’

I do not know what trouble you are facing, but know this: It’s a blessed opportunity (see Pastor Cody’s last sermon). We are blessed to suffer and face trouble because it bears the marks of the One we love and serve. Hey, get in trouble for Jesus!



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