Tuesday – October 17, 2023

Obadiah; Jer 40-42; Ps 147; 1 Pet 5

The Lord supports the humble,
    but he brings the wicked down into the dust. (Psalm 147.6)


I have been more prideful than I have realized. In the moment, to get what I want or need, pride had seeped in and now my words and actions are self-centered and prideful.

Have you been there?

Pride has a way of doing that. Slowly building, breaking down the manner for which humility flows. Humility is the key to opening doors that pride has locked. As the Lord supports the humble, the prideful one is brought down (Prov. 3.34).

As I thought on this, it became clear to me that pride is a “protector.” It does its best to protect and push forth what I may want or desire. A ‘me’ mentality, if you will. Humility may feel uncomfortable, almost foreign to me(us), because we can’t get what we want on our terms, in that moment, yet we trust God knows best and will do what’s best.

Lord, help us to know that we can trust You, that we are Yours, and You will never leave us nor forsake us. Your support is better and better for us than our pride and own protection. Help us Lord in our humility…Amen.