Wed – April 12, 2023

Judges 12-16; Psalm 146; Luke 24

Samson had judged Israel for twenty years. (Judges 16:31)

There are no “throw away” lines in the Bible.

No words that need not be there.

I thought of this as I read this last verse in Judges 16.

Samson judged for this long, but it seems he did more of what he should have done at the end than he did during his time of judging.

We must not wait until the end to fulfill what we can do today. Samson reminds me how we can have all the gifts and not the right focus.

Lord, help us today to do what we must do for You. You have called and equipped us to do KINGdom business, place our focus on the things of You God, so we may spend our years rightly and righteously.