Wed – Feb 8

Exodus 22-24; Psalm 109; Ephesians 6

Strong in the LORD

I used to watch wrestling (also pronounced “wrastling”). Tag team bouts were the best. If one person was getting whooped up on, the tag team partner would be there to jump in…but only if the person getting whooped would reach out and tag them in.

Praise GOD that whether we are doing good or bad in our minds or lives, GOD remains our strength if we reach out to Him. We must have this strength as we deal with internal thoughts, but also the external enemy of Satan. We must rely upon the strength of the LORD’s might (see 1:19). He supplies this power primarily through prayer (6:18).

Are you tagging Him into your situations?

I remember my son Jonathan on the Fourth of July clinging to me when the fireworks went off. He could do nothing to change the situation, but his dependance on me gave him comfort and strength that he lacked.

Prayer: We have Your armor and strength and we tag You into every area of our life. Amen.


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