Wed – June 7, 2023

Proverbs 8-10; Psalm 144; Romans 12

Listen as Wisdom calls out!
    Here as understanding raises her voice! (Proverbs 8:1)

Listening is such a key component. Throughout this book of Proverbs listening becomes a central focus in the reception of Wisdom. She calls out and raises her voice. Her words and ways must be payed attention to.

If you haven’t noticed, when the Bible introduces a theme or consistent thought, that truth must be grasped and applied. In Genesis 3 Eve chose to listen to the wrong voice. Look at Proverbs 9 we see Folly calling out…choice.

JESUS in Luke 4 hears the words of Satan and responds with Scripture. JESUS had to first listen to and receive Scripture to respond with it. I know, I know, He is JESUS, and we are not. Yet JESUS responds to Satan in a manner that He sets the example for us to follow in a way we can: with Scripture.

Take away: Listen to GOD, to His wisdom and ways as they reveal His will. Be wise, do not be a fool and listen to folly.