Wed – Mar 1

Numbers 1-2; Psalm 64; Hebrews 11

By Faith

Many a day I must remind myself it is “by faith” and not “by feelings.” Sometimes how I “feel” must take a backseat to my “by faith.”

We all have moments where we may not desire to go through the things we go through. Our feelings can give us all indications that what we are dealing with is something “we” must deal with on our own terms.

Yet, as a child of God, we must shift from our “feelings’ to seeing that our hope is in the never changing Savior of our souls. It is by faith we access Him and thereby not allow our “feelings” to dictate us into bad decisions.

Hebrews 11 is a powerful reminder that we must live “by faith” so that we can feel the ultimate joy in Jesus.

Prayer: LORD, we love you and desire to walk by faith and not by feelings. This can be very difficult as our feelings are so strong and we face much opposition. Yet, LORD, we resolve to set our feelings in position of obedient faith to you, and to live our lives by Fatih…amen.


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