Wed – March 15

Numbers 34-36; Luke 4

I am the Lord, who lives among the people of Israel.” (Numbers 35:34)

The Blessing of Boundaries


That is not what I want to hear when I want something. I do not feel “blessed” when anyone tells me “No!” 

The blessing of boundaries is who is telling me “No!” When GOD sets boundaries for us, He is doing it to bless us with His presence. How is this so? He has set limits that do not limit us, but draws us closer to Him.

Do not see the boundaries GOD has placed around you as limits, as a “NO!” See it as an opportunity to experience Him even more. Remember, the boundaries set by God are to make you boundless in knowing and sharing Him.

Prayer: LORD, thank you for the limits that allow us limitless access to You. Grant us the patience to understand You more and deal with the “No!” of now for the “Yes!” of Your presence forever…Amen.


  1. Jean Roberts says:

    Wonderful thought because this is a daily issue for everyone. Love it