Wednesday – April 10, 2024

Judges 12-16; Psalm 146; Luke 24

by Faith Brady

What word do you use to identify a group of people?  ‘Y’all’ tells me you are from the South. ‘You’s guys’ tells me you are WRONG!!  😛 In verse 6 “they said to him, “Then say Shibboleth,” and he said, “Sibboleth,” for he could not pronounce it right. Then they seized him and slaughtered him at the fords of the Jordan.” This was how they determined that someone was not Gileadite.  And that’s how 42,000 Ephraimites died…they had the wrong accent.

Now can we just pause and acknowledge the next 3 judges: Ibzan, Elon, and Abdon?  100+ sons and daughters between only 2 of them.  Because the next judge we learn about is Samson, the first  son of Manoah.  Can I just say “and an obviously spoiled son at that”.  He was a Nazarite from birth.  He was to drink no alcohol, he was to not cut his hair and he was to touch nothing dead.  3 rules on top of the other 613 laws and he broke every single one.  He was tall, dark and handsome and the women in his life played him like a fiddle.  They cried, they told him “You only hate me; you do not love me” (14:16) and each time “when she pressed him hard with her words day after day, and urged him, his soul was vexed to death.” (16:16)

Yet even still God used him as a Judge for 20 years.   In children’s stories about Samson it always seems to be told from the point of view that Samson was mighty and strong.  But Samson was a womanizer, a sinner, a law breaker, a prisoner, multiple murderer and a suicide attacker that killed more people in his death than in his lifetime.  And you think God can’t use you?  You think you are unable to serve God because of your past?  God is bigger, better and more capable than you give him credit for.  Stop with the excuses and get your whining self off the floor and let God change you and use you for His glory.

Psalm 146:5-10
Blessed is he whose help is the God of Jacob, whose hope is in the Lord his God, who made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that is in them, who keeps faith forever; who executes justice for the oppressed, who gives food to the hungry.  The Lord sets the prisoners free;  the Lord opens the eyes of the blind.  The Lord lifts up those who are bowed down; the Lord loves the righteous. The Lord watches over the sojourners; he upholds the widow and the fatherless, but the way of the wicked he brings to ruin.  The Lord will reign forever, your God, O Zion, to all generations.  Praise the Lord!”


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