Wednesday – August 9, 2023

Hosea 7-10; Matthew 18

So anyone who becomes as humble as this little child is the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven. (Matthew 18.4)

Children are interesting. They hold such wonderment and a quick release of wrongs as they forgive those who wrong them. The element I want to pick up on today is the need of children and their ability to ask for help.

Pride has a way of denying help and causing one to do things on their own. In the Kingdom of GOD, that will not work. We are completely helpless without our GOD. Turning from our sins is something pointless if we do not turn to GOD after turning.

Pride is a protector. It protects us, so we think, from humbling ourselves and being vulnerable. Humility says that I surrender to the One who can do it for me. My daughter runs to me when her bigger brothers are doing things she does not like or approve of. She humbles herself and asks for help (although lately she has been finding out she can punch a little and that has changed the dynamic, I digress, lol)*. We must humble ourselves before GOD.

  • Call to action: Don’t walk in pride, submit yourself in humility to GOD, it’s the road to greatness in the Kingdom of Heaven with the great GOD we serve. Love Y’all! Be Encouraged!