Wednesday – December 13, 2023

Job 1-3; Psalm 29; Revelation 10

22 In all of this, Job did not sin by blaming God. (Job 1:22)

Blame Game

God is over all things. Over the good and bad and the small and large. The fancy word for this is sovereign. God is the supreme ruler of all creation. Being over all things does not mean He is in all things.

What is God “in?”

God is in you, the believer, by His Holy Spirit. This does not mean that all that happens, or will happen, is somehow transformed because we believe in Him. We believers will face the same troubles as the unbeliever. So what’s the difference?

The eternal difference is that we have a hope, not a blame. Just as Job had a hope, so do we. Hell, I have been taught, is a place where there is no hope. It is hard not having any hope. This causes us to blame others when we lose hope. We actually place our hope in the fact that this or that person is to blame. Don’t aim your blame at God, for we have hope in Jesus!

Don’t blame God for the things that occur, rejoice in spite of them, for God is yet fighting on your behalf, and we will see this in this book of Job. Be Encouraged!