Wednesday – February 28, 2024

Numbers 1-2, Psalm 64, Hebrews 11

“And these are the names of the men who shall assist you.” Numbers 1:5 

He Knows My Name

By Faith Brady

Later at the end of Numbers 1 we are told there were 603,550 not including women and children or Levites.  My God knows me, he knows my name and calls me by name.  He has a plan for me.  When I am in a right relationship with him and am following him I am on that path.  He has a purpose for where he has me.  Just like he did for the Israelites.

He told Moses exactly where each tribe was to be placed around the tent of meeting.  I’ve lived in 6 states and 2 countries in my lifetime and each one was orchestrated by God.  He knew the place I would worship, the people that would influence my walk with him, the memories I would make and the people that would be in Heaven because he had placed them in my life.  What did I do with him in all those places?  Did I ignore his still small voice?  Did I rush around and not experience those times he was calling to me?

If you are reading this it means he put you in my path.  I’m so glad he knows your name!  I received a plaque from a neighbor many years ago that said “When we get to heaven I hope my mansion is next door to yours!”

Thank you Father for placing people around me that love you and love me too.💕