Wednesday – March 6, 2024

Numbers 15-18; Psalm 113; Colossians 3

by Faith Brady

Everything we have is from the Lord.  17:2 “When you come into the land you are to inhabit, which I am giving you,”. The land that they got was given to them, the crops and the livestock were given to them.  It only seems right that we should give back to the Lord.

You are given 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to choose how you live.  If you work, God has allowed that to happen, if you are married, have children, own a home, drive a car, it is all because God has given it to you.  Many times we give back what is left over.  As a mom that was in college, working and sometimes doing it alone, because Kelly was deployed, I gave my girls what was left over.  I remember always being so busy.  Many regrets today now that they are grown.

When you give to God he expects the “first fruits”.  Not what is left.  He wants the first of your day, the first of your thoughts, the first of your talents and the first of your paycheck.  It often amazes me how much is left over when he gets my firsts.  It’s like the saying I heard at church once “calories don’t count on Sunday if you have been to church!”  Give God what he deserves not just what you have leftover and see what you have left over then!😊


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