Wednesday – May 8, 2024

1 Samuel 30-31; 1 Chronicles 10; Acts 20

by Faith Brady

1 Samuel 30:6 “But David strengthened himself in the Lord his God.”

Then David asked of the Lord, and David obeyed.  I think many times in my life I skip the strengthening part and go straight to asking God.  How can we strengthen ourselves in the Lord our God?  “Read your Bible, pray and go to church!”

The answers to almost any question asked in Sunday School when I was a kid.  It is true, though.  You can’t be strengthened by what you don’t know.  How are we going to know our God if we aren’t taking the time to read the letter he wrote to us?  You can’t draw strength from someone you don’t know.  How well is your communication with God?  Is it all about you?  Your needs, your desires?  Part of prayer is telling God how much we love, adore, worship and honor him.

Find some worship song lyrics and begin by just praying them before you come to the asking altar.  Then who are you fellowshipping, worshipping and growing with?  Who stands with you in those hard times?  You need to be in church.  You need to be in a small group, you need to have prayer partners.  It’s not Cross fit or Zumba but it is CST…Christian Strength Training.  Ok, drop and give him 20…minutes!!  💪🛐📖🤗

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