Wednesday – November 1, 2023

Ezekiel 22-24; Psalm 134; John 8

Jesus said to the people who believed in him, “You are truly my disciples if you remain faithful to my teachings. (John 8.31)


Are you a disciple of Christ?

Notice in our verse above what Christ is saying. Jesus is speaking to people who had placed their belief in Him based off what He has said to them (John 8.28-30). Yet, this belief does not necessarily lend itself to being a disciple.

So how does one become a disciple?

We become disciples of Christ by our belief in Him and faithfulness to His teachings. If we believe and do not live out the teachings of Christ, we are not truly disciples. Following Christ in belief and living out that belief can be challenging, but being His disciple is who we are and who we must remain. This year has been a bit rough for me personally, and remaining faithful in lifestyle to what I believe has changed so many of these tough moments to growth moments. For we know a disciple is one who is under the “teaching” of another.

Lord, thank You for allowing us to be disciples of Christ and live a life unto Him. For we know and believe that there is no other life we would rather live. Amen.