EtB Weekend Wrap Up – Week 1

Stats: We read 23 chapters and 631 verses this week. Awesome!

Wrap Up: Things begin at the beginning and Genesis 1 kicks off the creation. Not long after creation we are in sin due to the fall in Genesis 3. God is merciful and full of grace and not only covers Adam and Eve after the fall, He sets up a covenant with Abraham (Abram) so that what sin had done to man God would heal. The relationship from creator to creation remained, and now God is bringing humanity back into fellowship with Him.

Moving to the Gospel of Mark we find Jesus dealing with those who are on the fringes of relationship and more focused on “religion.” Which in this context is the focus on rules and not the relationship God had established with Abraham in Genesis 15 through a covenant.

I am excited as we enter into Week 2 of Exploring the Bible. Please continue to read as we Explore the Bible together!